3-25-2024 Courtly Cottontails

3-25-2024 Courtly Cottontails

Illustration #21-25 from Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s “Suddenly”, Book #21, Courtly Cottontails. The friends at the sanctuary are feeling a deep sense of sadness and grief because of the sudden and unexpected passing of Valentine the Chihuahua. While going through the difficult grieving process, they realize she is mysteriously present in every individual they encounter, manifesting unexpectedly and with no explanation.


Several days later, their beloved Nana unfortunately falls, resulting in her becoming unconscious and experiencing a brain bleed, along with other health issues. However, despite these challenges, her wildlife companions reconnect with her once more. In the same vein as the famous saying about perseverance in the entertainment industry, the coil must be placed as planned. To continue life, you sometimes have to stop the bleeding.


This narrative not only delves into the complexities of life and death, but also highlights the transformative nature of grief, ultimately leading to the creation of cherished memories. With the Courtly Cottontails, love is the ultimate force that never fails, and they exemplify this belief in their actions.

Lisa, the author, has written another book on grief and loss. It is called Tea Party Wednesday and it is part of the Valentine’s Adventures series. This book specifically focuses on Valentine’s experience of losing her sister and is beautifully illustrated.


If you’re interested in purchasing either books, art, or merch, you can only find them at Peacock Books as they are the exclusive seller.

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