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Purple-plexed, Case File 10, Bow Wow Detectives

Purple-plexed, Case File 10, Bow Wow Detectives


To avoid her fears about starting fifth grade at a new school, 10-year-old Cassidy secretly goes to the park to search for Jo-Jo, her homeless friend who lives under the bridge with her sister - the girl she befriended last summer. Upon Cassidy’s arrival, she realizes their camp has been deserted, and her quest for answers only reveals purple-stained clues. Cassidy discovers the stub from the weekend concert  that is stained with purple smudges, a puppy with a dyed purple mane, and Jo-Jo’s blanket with purple stains.

At the most crucial time, where is Jo-Jo? Will they ever cross paths again? Why is there a puppy in Jo-Jo’s blanket and where did it come from? Is there any information on the concert ticket that might explain their sudden disappearance? Solve the puzzle in Purple-plexed, Case File 10, alongside the Bow Wow Detectives.


Discover the unexpected blessings that come with starting a new school in this heartwarming children’s story.

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