The comprehensive body of work by Lisa Loucks-Christenson is a testament to her artistic prowess, as her portfolio features an array of books, photographs, comics, and art, all of which document her creative journey and development throughout the years. L.L. When it comes to writing fiction, Lisa has two unique identities - she either goes by her full name or the pseudonym L.L. Christenson.

With roots in Rochester, Minnesota, Lisa has established herself as a highly acclaimed figure in the literary world. She is not only a best-selling author but also a gifted illustrator and photographer. Her impressive portfolio comprises multiple books, series, short stories, poems, and book covers, all of which have garnered her international recognition and many awards.

You can only find her personalized books and 99% of her work in her bookstores and gallery, making them truly exclusive.

Known for her literary works, Lisa Loucks-Christenson is an author hailing from Rochester, Minnesota, who dedicates a substantial amount of time to the art of creation. Whether it’s filming wildlife documentaries, writing captivating stories, or illustrating scenes inspired by Minnesota, every day is filled with excitement and never a dull moment. 

Lisa’s remarkable achievements in the literary world include winning multiple awards and achieving best-seller status in all the genres she explores, including Wildlife and Nature, as well as Environment, Inspiration, Suspense, and more.

Lisa has an impressive variety of books coming up, with genres that include her award-winning contest stories, thrilling wildlife adventures, immersive Biblical portal fiction and non-fiction, imaginative visionary fiction, captivating Sci-fi and fantasy novels, heart-pounding outdoor adventure tales, gripping suspense stories, emotional family dramas, and intriguing genre mash-ups.

Lisa is a versatile author who writes both fiction and non-fiction, and she considers herself a hybrid author because of her extensive experience publishing with traditional publishing houses, including the Big Five publishers. In addition to her traditional publishing journey, Lisa has also established her own publishing house and imprints, where she has created numerous independent stories, novellas, and books. Her repertoire includes titles catering to both secular and Christian audiences, showcasing her diverse range as an author. Moreover, Lisa’s creative ventures extend beyond writing, as she also owns a bookstore, gallery, and film studios.

As she looks ahead to her upcoming projects, she is enthusiastic about her wildlife adventures, Biblical stories, and religious programming. She intends to channel her creativity into developing children’s picture books, middle grade novels, young adult stories, and family-oriented content, continuing using her own original stories and art and photos.

Drawing on her years of experience in documentary work, Lisa is currently occupied with the production of multiple nature films. These films encompass various themes including history, travel, Minnesota wildlife, religion, and family. When it comes to her animations, she is known for seamlessly blending both hand-drawn and clay animated styles, resulting in unique and captivating visuals.

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