Aspen and the Sugar Gliders Announced, New Series Written and Illustrated By Lisa Loucks-Christenson

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Lisa Loucks-Christenson, the bestselling author and illustrator of Don’t Eat Bees, The Model Maker, Tremble Creek Tornado, Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek, and Narrow Paths, wrote and illustrated these two clean fiction new book series. They’re about regular kids who are all about the environment, animals, and nature. They’re in rival bands, writing songs that teach others about the bonds between humans and animals. The stories they sing about are based on the bonds they’ve created and witnessed, educating others as they go.

Check out Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s new series for kids 7 and up.

Clean story fans, don’t miss these two new book series published by Fly Up Books, an Imprint of Lisa Loucks-Christenson.

Summer of the Sugar Gliders, Book 1, Aspen and the Sugar Gliders Band.

Season of the Flying Squirrels, Book 1, Squirrelly Boys Acapella Group.

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